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Actually valid complaint about rust in Linux 

When the Linux Kernel introduces rust into the codebase, I can't wait to see the architecture compatibility chart and supported low-spec systems for the Linux kernel immediately get cut down to computers running x86 or ARM64 and that's about it.

Like, literally say goodbye to almost 50% of this list the instant rust gets involved:
(Yes, I actually counted, rust supports 42% of architectures if you only count tiers 1–2, or 61% if you include the very dubiously supported tier 3 targets. I only included architectures supported by the *current* Kernel, I could be even less generous if I includer architectures that are no longer supported. Also the Linux Kernel currently only supports x86, x86_64, and AArch64 when building with Clang which means say adios to 90% of the supported architectures until LLVM support is improved).

At least AFAICT right now it's going to be restricted to a few drivers, hopefully none that I use

"minimum length: X" means...

common sense, uncommon sense, rare sense, epic sense, legendary sense

Mfw no electricity for 5+ hours already

Laptop on 18%, phone on 27%, server's dead, no UPS, missed conference call, refrigerator is leaking already, no hot water, no lights except candles and barely working led strip.



Was wondering why crossposter isn't working and then realized that we have a FUCKING POWER OUTAGE

feature request: if you fediblock yourself, your instance is deleted with all corresponding data

Just realized that I have to add support for post editing soon :blobfoxgooglyholdingitsheadinitshands:

(un)fortunately, we don't have post editing on astrodon yet :blobfoxgooglymlem:

Is there any GOOD console music players like MOC or MPD but without the problems of MPD being music daemon and MOC not being under development for over 5 years?

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