Any hardware engineers here?
Just bought USB server (like, a box) and looks like it's built on EST E3868M4-B but I can't find any datasheet for it. Is there any information available about its pinout, architecture and is it possible to reflash it with something different? Any information is welcome

Boosts are also welcome, and feel free to kick my ass bc I'm asking stupid questions

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USB server in question (pic)
There's debug interface on bottom left, I wonder if it's UART or something else. Big chip on the left is already mentioned E3868M4-B, another one on the right is RTL8211CL and below both of them something that looks like flash memory (F25L004A, looked it up, it is 4Mbit flash). A couple of voltage regulators on the top and that's it

/me thinking about buying SPI flash reader/writer and serial analyzer or whatever it's called

@hatkidchan had alook at the datasheet, it supports SPI flashing I think, although the datasheet doesn't have much information on its architecture.
@hatkidchan I can probably get more information if you do need, just need the contact the manufacturer.
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