post#800 time to make some changes about follow policy

please please please send follow request only if you have at least 5 followers and/or posts or we interacted before. if most of your posts is political/*phobic nonsense, we have nothing in common, so also don't follow me (some amount of political discussion is fine tho).

// todo: make this policy more strict

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> phobic
{aero,arachno,agora,algo,aqua,arachno,bacterio,chrono,claustro,helio,myso,...}phobic people: :blobcatverysad:

without savestates, yes
with savestates I can turn back time in game, so nothing to fear
unfortunatelly, I cannot IRL

Actually, I started playing it several months ago. Probably should continue, when I have time.

Did something happen at that time?
I probably want from 2013

@vftdan idk, just arbitrary year. i think it was better in some ways back then. unfortunately, i don't remember how or why; i have fading memory and can't remember things that happened even a week ago

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