cw as usual: pinwheels, nwords (all of them quickly removed, thanks to mods)
bgm: Boucle Infinie – Meanings

Thanks to everyone who was there and to everyone I've met on the way
And big big BIG thanks to @EpicKitty and all of moderators!!!
Also special thanks to @vapronva for compute power required to render that monsterosity

@hatkidchan @EpicKitty @vapronva :blobCatHeart:​ thanks for all the timelapse renders; been fun to see how our canvas animated throughout it all.

@hatkidchan @EpicKitty @vapronva This ain't real fedi canvas, it's astroturfed one made and patrolled by disqordia trannies.

@hatkidchan @EpicKitty @vapronva
Every time I see how my phrase appears just to disappear later in a couple of seconds, I feel something, that my vocabulary cannot describe yet

It's in an upper right quarter of the canvas. I had started drawing it at 2:28 under the little ninja.
It was a phase written in marker (Unitology) symbols from Dead Space which transliterates to English as "MAKE US WHOLE".
It's starting to erase at 2:36, someone cleared most of it, leaving only US, which in turn gets cleared at 2:56

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