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Any hardware engineers here?
Just bought USB server (like, a box) and looks like it's built on EST E3868M4-B but I can't find any datasheet for it. Is there any information available about its pinout, architecture and is it possible to reflash it with something different? Any information is welcome

Boosts are also welcome, and feel free to kick my ass bc I'm asking stupid questions

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post#800 time to make some changes about follow policy

please please please send follow request only if you have at least 5 followers and/or posts or we interacted before. if most of your posts is political/*phobic nonsense, we have nothing in common, so also don't follow me (some amount of political discussion is fine tho).

// todo: make this policy more strict

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thinking about moving to EMR soon... was nice to be here

I should probably import following list here, if I could.

thanks @astrr for bringing me to the Fedi, it was a great experience so far

see you on the other side, and say hello to

>sometimes I wish bluetooth devices wouldn't connect automatically to each other

that's why.

I've been "hiding" random stuff in my statuses for a while using that simple method, today decided to make a webapp off of it:

enjoy or whatever

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