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couple updates to Casey's design cause I felt it was too boring
also got too lazy to draw legs

@hatkidchan happy?

Hey, this is old but cute, so have it, and, uh, yes.

(side note: does anyone want to recommend me songs in Russian pls)

*Someone* really hurt me yesterday jietjteirgh <3
(picture of matching bracelets because it's cool)

May or may not finish it, but I'll post the sketch too because why not

What am I supposed to do when someone starts making microwave noises at me??? Should I run???

anyway I was forced to post this by @hatkidchan
(it sucks, I didn't do sketch for this one)

Niko doodles that I got forced to post. (@hatkidchan please keep on speaking Russian though, even after I post it)

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