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apparently it has no OS and the CMOS battery is dead and I'll have to solder a new one, but it mostly works!!!!!

but I don't have any boot CDs (and no CDs at all) so I'll have to buy some RWs and a burner, I guess

techwear skirts are the ultimate clothing form

my unrealistic transition goal of the week is a novakid from starbound

like, they 🌟g l o w🌟 and look hella cool in general

also I'm pretty sure "Astra" is actually in the in-game random name generator pool for them

*art from makoyanaplays on twitter*

Basically I lured them into a sense of false security by trailing 1.5K XP behind them , waited until they slowed down to about 200XP/day and then attacked at the latest moment possible, taking them by surprise and snatching the 1st place right as the league week came to a close

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I've literally made a plan how to take over the 1st place in my league from someone who does 800-1000XP/day, and it seems to work

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Vegan burgers (the "made from plant proteins" kind not the "grown from animal cells" ones) have reached a point at which I can barely tell if they're plant-based or actual meat, and that's totally good enough by me. Switching to them where possible now.

welp, upgrading the server was a total shitshow

the new motherboard blew a transistor in a spectacular fashion (lots of sparks, fire and smoke), and the old one decided to stop booting for apparently no reason (I still have no idea why, because it suddenly started working again after a night of standby)

The satellite link goes down in a thunderstorm, meanwhile the LTE link starts working again.

Weird but ok, if it works it works

I love watching insects in the summer, even bought a blacklight recently, but realised it needed an additional starter (it was a fluorescent lamp) after arriving here, so now I just use a 1500lm lamp and a big blanket. Probably gonna buy the starter in the near future tho.

Also turns out those spiders can move REALLY fast when they want to (in my case to make sure that prey doesn't break free from the web), like, much faster than if they're just running away from danger or something like that. Weird.

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Also got some close-ups of spiders catching things but don't wanna post it yet cause they are either over- or under- exposed :/

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