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Tiny ants 

Just got my ant colony, super excited :)

Just ordered my first U2F key

Hope it won't take long to ship

I might have accidentally found a pc that runs our whole universe lol

Seems like it's slowly getting better

Things like this are happening way too often for my liking :/

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Is VR worth it?

Well, time to turn indexing back on and go to sleep! What could go wrong?

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Seems like everything is ok now

That was a fun night

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I think that enabling full text search might be a bad idea

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Oh, it's even better, turns out that the crawler just decided to ignore my instance for 12 hours.

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Удивительно, но до сих пор ещё остались люди, искренне считающие, что "ковид - это как обычный грипп"

Показывайте им это видео, чтобы они понимали, как коронавирус работает и почему он наносит такие повреждения организму.

Spent a whole day trying to figure out why my instance didn't work. Turns out my server just ran our of disk space ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you're using mastodon - what kind of web interface are you using?

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This is supposed to be a reference to this masterpiece but idk

It's 5am right now and my brain hurts

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