I've been listening to this for too much, please send helb

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Wow. #Signal owned #Cellebrite - a vendor that sells mobile phone hacking and extraction software to shady goverments around the work - big time.

Read this awesome article and be sure to watch the clip.



The only source from which I know the plot of "Jaws" is the lemon demon song and I'm only now realizing that it might not be entirely accurate

thank you, stranger, for making this choice easier for me

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What should I eat today

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@nosleep @rin
There are multiple other ones nearby, by the way. I once took some photos of one that was in Matveevo, it looked great

Oh, I guess I have to hurry with that

Why the hell did it fill up so fast?? It lasted like 1/3 of what it was supposed to

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Thinking about moving my instance's media files to tardigrade because it's cheap and fun (also decentralised and open-source)

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