Thinking about buying a T5577 microchip to implant in myself

Like, it's just 3$

I think my ants are plotting an escape plan

Time to buy them a second enclosure

so umm yeah i guess i linked my mastodon with my twitter now, cool

There have recently appeared cheap powerbank renting stations all over Moscow (literally everywhere), which is great and all, if not for one thing:

Half of them is owned by one company and the other is owned by another one.

This means that even though there is a station near where I live and a station near where I work, I can't just rent a powerbank on my way home because these two stations are installed by different companies and are completely incompatible between each other.


Yesterday it was -15C in Moscow

Right now it's +3C

Weather is weird

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Is it just me or does M.I.L.F. from friday night funkin kinda sound like never gonna give you up?

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METAROOM is awesome and no one can say otherwise

russian shitposting 

почему мне так смешно???

those bitcoin scam telegram groups are truly terrifying

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Got myself a HackRF One, turns out that SDRs are even more fun than I thought

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