Friendship ended with Macbook Pro 13'

Now ThinkPad T480 is my best friend

I guess it's settled then

Steam controller it is

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What should I buy

Engraved my logo on my laptop. I think that it turned out great!

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Added some RAM to the server, now it seems to be a bit snappier than before

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Продолжение ковидного треда.

Кстати, забыл приложить ссылку на оригинал, вот она -

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Тред врача-реаниматолога про COVID-19.

Врач рассказывает:

1. Что такое коронавирус
2. Почему он не похож на грипп
3. Как он поражает организм
и много чего ещё


VR is honestly mind-blowing. Got my Vive in the beginning of September and been using it daily ever since.
"Flat" games have lost almost all the value for me, nothing even comes close to the immersion of VR.

The only disappointing thing is that VR is still really obscure. If I want to play something with my friends, I need to find games that not only are multiplayer, but also VR compatible (but not VR exclusive).

I think that I should just turn off my wireless router from 23PM to 6AM

Only this can help my sleep schedule

Also upgraded the hard drive and migrated the instance to it. If I calculated everything correctly - this should be enough for at a least a year and a half.

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Updated my instance to the master branch, now with hardware 2FA support and more!

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