Yesterday it was -15C in Moscow

Right now it's +3C

Weather is weird

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Is it just me or does M.I.L.F. from friday night funkin kinda sound like never gonna give you up?

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METAROOM is awesome and no one can say otherwise

russian shitposting 

почему мне так смешно???

those bitcoin scam telegram groups are truly terrifying

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Got myself a HackRF One, turns out that SDRs are even more fun than I thought

Sooo umm my 3$ in DOGE that I bought in 2019 became 15$ earlier yesterday when I withdrew them, cool

Oh god, open-source estrogen acrtually exists


About a week ago I fell asleep at about 4PM because I slept for 2 hours that day, and I'm since trying to recover my former sleeping schedule, because before that I went to bed at ~3AM and woke up at 12PM, which was nice (and gave me a lot of time to hang out with my friends who are basically nocturnal), and now I go to bed at 8PM and wake up at 5-6AM, which is to say the least quite weird for me.

Oh God, I wrote this whole thing in one sentence, I'm really sorry.

I've since moved on to "My trains" and "Modify". Great stuff!

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been listening to two trucks by lemon demon for an hour now and i'm starting to thing that something's wrong

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