finally got around to maintaining the mastodon instance

currently having a vote on what my last name should be at

I am getting really tempted to feed my Venus fly trap estradiol just to see what happens

fuck living in suburbs, I wanna live in a domurb

getting my first vaccine shot in a few minutes!!!

just now realized that komm susser tod is about suicide despite having listened to it for at least 20 times (probably more)

i have the listening comprehension of a mashed potato

wtf I didn't set this up

also I didn't even leave home, I'm still here

my home assistant server has just gotten a mind of its own, decided that it's time for me to go to bed, and turned off the lights

i have no automations controlling them

it just decided to do that and now i fear what happens next

standard e27 light bulbs and coca-cola bottles (others probably too) have the same screw size and spacing. do with this information whatever you must.

my notion page for the uni looks quite cursed, i love it

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